Cedar websites specialise both small scale static websites and larger full scale shopping solutions. All websites are created specifically to the clients requirements following design codes, or methodology for the checkout or products system. Most sites are design with native HTML, CSS as the core with JavaScript for the extra design engagement and PHP for the backend server side processing and MySQL for all the data base work. Using the core basics of web technology ensures that the website runs at most optimal speeds regarding processing.

Included with any project from Cedar Websites comes with three months hosting of the website. The purchasing of the domain name and domain hosting can also be provided including person email for the purchased domain.



Digitalbight was my first experiment website that I used to learn how to develop and publish new HTML mark-up and PHP script, it also lead to the start of the Digitalbight YouTube page were instructional videos helped many people develop skills in new territories including aJax and proxy servers.



The web app Boxypix was a successful experiment in offering image services online, the web app included the use of Google sign in protocols and many other fancy PHP server side functions, regarding the uploading of images, ftp, dynamic database operations, and many other things.


Development Story

Development story was an idea that I wanted to create where traditionally users would join online forums and start build threads/logs but I noticed an issue of trying to distribute the completed thread to other users. The systems consisted of the traditional forum layout that did not utilize space correctly and was not in a presentable layout. This is when I created a system that users can login using their Google accounts and create “stories” and add a timeline of all the events that happened in the build/log, than share a link which others can access and see only a tailor made version of the build in a simple presentable format.



Space coin was my first attempt into the gaming scene using the Unity game engine software. The game consisted on a fully functional menu scene and game mechanics. The game was originally designed for Android and IOS but the overall game control was not natural for tilt or on-screen game pads so only a PC version was published on “Development Story”. The player would control a ball through multiple levels collecting coins and than trying to beat the time to the exit door to proceed.


Slavic Baptist Church

A website that will accomplish many things, offering full functionality for MP3 uploads, image galleries, news & calendars, contact forum, and other small features. The website is still under development. A revised story will be uploaded upon accomplishment.

http:// Not yet /


A modern website that complies with dynamic screen sizes utilizing both desktop and mobile environments. An example of custom designed cart and checkout system and many other systems. The website is still under development. A revised story will be uploaded upon accomplishment.

http:// Not yet /