My Projects

Digitalbight Youtube Channel
The Digitalbight channel was created to offer video tutorials and explanations for web programming and server deployment. The channel filled in missing information on the internet, helping people overcome problems or introduce people into a new topic or advance their skill. The channel has gained over 600 subscribers and 190,000 views. – “Currently Defunct”
Boxypix was a web 2.0 web app, utilising PHP for the back end and Mysql for the database. Users could create an account by logging in using their google account and then were able to create albums and upload images to it or link any images online. The user was able to generate a shareable link who friends or family could view the album online.

Bring the car service book online. Manage and keep track of your vehicle’s service schedule and document any information about the car. The web app will notify the user by email when servicing is nearly due, and allows people to tick-off certain details about the server. The app also allows the user to upload images about the server or note any damage, scratches, etc.